Volvo recalls more than 2 million cars. What is the reason?

Volvo recalls more than 2 million cars. What is the reason?


A couple of hours ago, the Swedish brand has announced that due to problems in the functioning of seat belts, will be organized a service company that will cover a huge number of Volvos that were made in the period from 2006 to 2019. For these models, true – sedan S60/S60L/S60CC and S80/S80L, XC60 crossover and XC70, and V60 and V70 wagons. It is noteworthy that almost 25% out of this number of “problem” cars were sold in Sweden.

The problem lies with the cable strap (and the driver and all passengers), which is made of steel.

The tension force of the cable at any time may diminish, which in turn can lead to accidents.


Here’s how announced the problem Stefan Elfstrom, who is the spokesman for the automaker. “We are very surprised by this problem and has organized a service company to eliminate this nepoladok. Fortunately, at the moment, there are no fixed cases when because of the fault of suffering people.” He also noted that it is the largest service company in the entire history of the brand.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that a photo of the new sedan Geely on Volvo chassis has hit the net. Carmaker Geely is going to show the new production model on the architecture of CMA from Volvo (her name yet).

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