Volvo: record sales for 10th month in a row

Volvo: record sales for 10th month in a row


While the pandemic is causing countless losses, layoffs, and even bankruptcy, automaker Volvo has just posted sales growth for the 10th straight month. That said, global sales are up 97% since April last year.

The growth in sales comes despite the prevailing shortage of semiconductors plaguing automakers around the world. The growth in sales is also attributed to a sharp increase in demand for cars, as travel restrictions are lifted over time.

Volvo was able to capitalize on this demand by selling a total of 62,724 vehicles in April. This is compared to 31,760 sold during this time last year. One of the key factors behind this impressive growth has been strong demand in the European and US markets, which are just recovering from a sharp drop in sales due to the pandemic last year.

In the US market, sales have improved 185.5% since April 2020. At the same time, Volvo sold a total of 11,036 vehicles. The best selling models were the XC90 and XC60.

The European market is not far behind: sales are up 178% year-on-year. In total, the Maki dealer network sold 25,816 vehicles, mainly in the UK, Sweden and Germany.

Finally, in Volvo’s largest sales market, China, sales grew by just over 11%. A total of 16,435 vehicles were sold, thanks to the success of the highly popular XC60 and S90 models, which are assembled locally.

In terms of specific models, the XC40 was Volvo’s top-selling car. A little less than 20,000 vehicles were sold worldwide. It is followed by the XC60 with 17,925 total sales and the XC90 with 9,371 sales.

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