Volvo succumbed to trends: the company changes its logo

Volvo succumbed to trends: the company changes its logo


Volvo has begun updating its corporate logo – starting with corporate websites, social media profiles and printed materials, followed by emblems on cars, trucks and buses.

The company has abandoned the usual “chrome” ring with a volumetric effect – this design was popular several years ago, but has recently been supplanted by “flat” and minimalistic graphics. The updated logo is monochrome and is the same for all parts of the Volvo Group. However, each direction will have a different color.

The cars of the Swedish brand will retain their current emblem until 2023. In the future, new models, regardless of the type of engine, will begin to wear new insignia with inserts of certain colors. Details of these badges are kept secret by Volvo Cars.

By the way, Volkswagen, BMW and Renault have previously abandoned the three-dimensional logo design.

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