Volvo will build a plant for manufacturing batteries in the US

Volvo will build a plant for manufacturing batteries in the US


The Swedish automaker plans to build its own plant for manufacturing batteries in the USA, as it prepares a line of electric vehicles for the market.

The production expansion is part of a previously announced development plan, worth $ 600 million, the construction of which the Swedish automaker has started at its plant in Ridgeville, South Carolina. It is noted that Volvo will create an electric version of its next crossover, the XC90 will build it at a new plant since the end of 2022. According to the representative of Volvo, the construction of a plant for the Assembly of batteries to be completed by the end of 2021.

The plant in South Carolina will become the world centre for the production of the flagship XC90 crossover of the third generation.

At this facility the staff will assemble and test lithium-ion batteries that will be powering the crossover. Collecting expensive items in place, Volvo is hoping to reduce the cost of transporting heavy batteries.

The overall planned production line XC90 is expected to create about 1,000 jobs.


The XC90 crossover will be the third Volvo model with electric propulsion. The first was the electric version of the compact crossover XC40, which was presented ??in October. This electric car will go on sale in U.S. stores in the fourth quarter of 2020 at the price of 48 thousand USD after a Federal tax credit in the amount of $ 7,500.

XC40 EV, dubbed XC40 Recharge, will be the vanguard of a series of environmentally friendly Volvo models. The automaker wants to 2025, cars with battery-powered accounted for half of global sales of the brand. Over the next five years, Volvo plans to release a new fully electric car every year.

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