Volvo will develop its own batteries for electric cars

Volvo will develop its own batteries for electric cars


Today the hybrid model of the Swedish brand are equipped with batteries from LG Chem. However, in the near future everything can change.

Volvo has decided to equip its electric car batteries of its own production. Meantime, the Swedes use the products of famous company LG Chem. Collaborate with it and other brands, among them Tesla. The battery is one of the most expensive components in a modern electric cars. That’s why for Volvo it is important that this key element was produced in-house and not third party. Because the cars of this Swedish brand has always been known for its benchmark reliability.


The same Volvo XC40 began his career as a petrol car, and to put it on the other tracks, while maintaining safety, the manufacturer had to work hard. In the future plans of the Swedes is the electrification of most of its models. This step will allow the company to 2025, to increase its global sales of battery electric vehicles to 50 percent.

It is known that the amount of investment in plant for the production of batteries, amounted to $ 60 million.

Meanwhile it became known that the crossover Volvo XC90 will be electric. The emergence of environmentally friendly news in 2022.

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