Volvo will have a giant projection displays of a new type

Volvo will have a giant projection displays of a new type


Venture capital fund Volvo Cars Tech Fund has invested in Israeli optical technology startup Spectralics. The investment will enable Volvo to become the first automaker to gain access to a Multilayer Thin Totalizer (MLTC). The development promises to revolutionize projection displays with a new way of displaying images, the ability to vary the size of the covered surface and create a sense of depth.

MLTC is a new type of optical film designed for transparent surfaces: it overlays the image over the windshield, rather than projecting like current HUD displays. The size and shape of the film is variable – it can be applied to both the windshield and the side windows of the car.

MLTC is able to cover the windshield from pillar to pillar and display the necessary information about speed, navigation and other data on it – for example, warn of wild animals on the way. At the same time, the film is capable of creating a sense of distance to virtual objects.

“We believe Spectralics technology has the potential to become the standard for next-generation displays,” said Li Ma, head of Volvo Cars Tech Fund.

Earlier, Volvo announced that it intends to abandon the use of natural leather in the salons – but so far this applies only to electric cars. Thus, the Swedish company wants to reduce the carbon footprint of production. According to the plan, by 2025, the new Volvo will have 25 percent of the materials consisting of recycled and bio-based raw materials.

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