Volvo will refuse genuine leather

Volvo will refuse genuine leather


Volvo has decided to completely abandon the use of natural leather – but so far only in the interiors of electric vehicles. The desire to quickly switch to recycled materials is due to both moral and ethical principles and the desire to reduce the carbon footprint. After all, livestock today accounts for 14 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, and the expansion of pastures poses a threat to forests and leads to the loss of biodiversity.

According to the plan, by 2025, the new Volvo will have 25 percent of the materials, consisting of recycled and biological raw materials. The process of transition to a circular economy will be completed by 2040. Ten years earlier, all cars of the brand will switch to electricity, and of course, they will not have any natural leather.

Alternatively, we will offer upholstery made from ethically sourced wool blends and organic materials. One of them is called Nordico, and is developed by Volvo itself. It is a mixture of synthetic textiles obtained by recycling plastic bottles; biomaterials from sustainable forests in Sweden and Finland; as well as cork – a waste of winemaking. Nordico will appear in Volvo cars in the coming years.

All this is more about electric vehicles, while the interiors of cars with fuel engines will continue to be sheathed in leather. And not anyhow, but made at the Scottish factory Bridge of Weir. By the way, the same leather can be found in the McLaren GT cabin, the Callum Vanquish 25 by R-Reforged coupe, the Lister Stealth crossover and the Bentley Blower Continuation replica.

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