Volvo will update the plant for the sake of electric cars

Volvo will update the plant for the sake of electric cars


As part of the planned investment, the company will introduce a number of new, more environmentally friendly technologies and production processes at the plant. These include the introduction of large aluminum body castings (so-called mega castings), a new battery assembly shop, and completely refurbished paint and final assembly shops.

It is worth dwelling on the megalith in more detail. From now on, large car components will no longer be several parts welded together, the company assures. Now they are planned to be cast as a single aluminum part. In practice, this will give a serious reduction in weight and increase the strength of the structure. In addition, thanks to this technology, the production process and the supply chain can be simplified. It also gives Volvo designers the opportunity to make optimal use of the available space in the cabin and luggage compartment, making the car more practical.

Logistics areas will also be upgraded, which will improve the movement of components and optimize the transportation of components and assemblies to the plant. In addition, the company is investing in other plant-related facilities such as rest areas, changing rooms and offices, which will further improve the working environment for all employees.

The Thorsland site is considered one of Volvo’s oldest assembly sites. It was opened back in 1964 by the Swedish King Gustav VI Adolf personally. For a long time it was considered the largest in the country and could produce up to 300 thousand cars a year. Today, more than 6,500 people work in the production.

Recall that earlier it became known about the company’s plans to create a new crossover that would take place between the XC60 and XC90. Reportedly, it can be made in the style of the Recharge concept shown in the summer of 2021.

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