Volvo within the framework of the global initiative E. V. A. promotes safety of women in cars

Volvo within the framework of the global initiative E. V. A. promotes safety of women in cars


In the framework of the global strategy for improving the safety of vehicles and initiatives E. V. A. (Equal for All Vehicle) Volvo develops new and improves existing methods for the protection of women on the basis of a carefully collected array of data.

Volvo Cars focuses on safety of women at the wheel or in the passenger seat. Therefore, the company was one of the first in the world to use female mannequins for crash tests their cars. Prior to that, the security level was tested only with male prototypes and failed to take into account women.


More than 40 years, the team for the study of road accidents (Volvo Traffic Accident Research Team) analyzed data from 40 thousand cars and 70 thousand passengers injured in real accidents. Volvo conducted a crash test using a female mannequin and found those vulnerable areas that are most affected in women during accidents. Thanks to these studies we developed a number of innovative protection systems in the car taking into account the peculiarities of the female anatomy.

To preserve the integrity of the spine, tendons and muscles of the neck created a system to prevent whiplash injuries (WHIPS). Sturdy headrest and thoughtful design of the seats prevent injury from sudden excessive movements due to shock and reduces the risk of whiplash by 50%. And system side-impact protection (SIPS) takes into account the differences of the anatomical structure of the thorax of men and women. SIPS in combination with side airbags halve the risk of serious injury of this body part.

To protect the head uses a special Volvo inflatable curtain, which is filled with air for 1/25 of a second and prevents a blow to the head on external objects (e.g., steering wheel). It reduces the risk of head injuries by 75%. Among the latest developments, Volvo Cars – special shock absorbers for the seats, which prevent injury of the lumbar spine when the car crashes off the road.

For particularly vulnerable categories of passengers, pregnant women, Volvo created the world’s first virtual model of a pregnant woman of average size to carry out the relevant crash tests. This allowed us to examine how seat belts and airbags can protect a pregnant woman and her fetus.

“The global aim of the Volvo by 2020 no one should die or suffer serious injuries in cars of the brand. The safety of the driver and passengers in cars are the main priority of the Volvo since the company’s inception in 1927. I hope that through these explorations, the cars will become safer,” – said Artem Tkachenko, commercial Director of Volvo, LLC “winner imports Ukraine, Ltd.”.


Volvo has already opened access to its research on designing cars that will protect women in road accidents taking into account the peculiarities of their anatomy. Any driver or even other brands can benefit from the practices of the company and to improve the safety of their vehicles. A complete list of original research Volvo can be found here.

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