Volvo XC40 Plug-in Hybrid. (Eco)logical riddle

Volvo XC40 Plug-in Hybrid. (Eco)logical riddle


The proud label “Twin Engine” on the trunk lid indicates that the test Volvo XC40 is a hybrid crossover. And it poses additional questions about fuel consumption, vehicle dynamics, its cruising range on electricity…

The battery capacity of 10.7 kWh and the electric motor, issuing a 60 kW, will ensure your conscience (and maybe the purse if you will often use the car for small journeys around town) 45 km course. Of course, the WLTP cycle. But what happens when the battery runs out?…

Will remain a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo engine, boosted to 180 power. In fact, the same as the version T3. And paired with him running a… seven-step “robot” developed by Geely. And if you’re already going to be indignant, why is it in the premium crossover technology such a “secondary” origin, do not rush to conclusions. The work of this box to our master of ceremonies very much. In addition, the “robot” turned out to be so much easier 8-step “automatic” that the total weight of the hybrid does not exceed the weight of a single fuel version with the same engine!

And importantly, we have the famous Ukrainian prices for a hybrid version. They will start with a mark of 49.150 euros, and for the money you get a complete set Momentum with a good set of nice options.

The details you learn in the video. Pleasant viewing!

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