Volvo XC40 tried on a cross-coupe body

Volvo XC40 tried on a cross-coupe body


So far – only in the artist’s imagination, but it can be realized in reality next year.

The fact that Volvo will have coupe-like crossovers, the brand’s senior Vice President of design Robin page has already told reporters. And the other day, the President and CEO of the Swedish company, Hakan Samuelsson, announced a new electric car based on the CMA platform – the same one that underlies the XC40 Recharge. Adding one thing to another, colleagues from they depicted a compact all-terrain vehicle with a sloping roof line.

The electric model will premiere on March 2. For sure, we only know that this is not a replacement for the V40 hatchback. A derivative of the XC40, which has a more stylish body, seems the most likely option. Thus, we are talking about a model that will be closely related to Lynk & Co 05.

We also recommend that you watch a detailed review of the Volvo XC40 from the FineAuto team:

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