Volvo XC60 Europeans will be shipped from China

Volvo XC60 Europeans will be shipped from China

If you live in Europe and recently ordered a Volvo XC60 SUV, most likely, your car will be transported from Chengdu due to the us-China trade war.

Volvo announced the start of exports of the crossover XC60 medium size from China to Europe, as the company plans to use the Asian country as a production hub for global markets. The Volvo XC60 is going in the southern Chinese city of Chengdu, where he goes by train to Ghent, Belgium. The first batch of XC60, designed for 25 European countries arrived in the Belgian port at the beginning of this month. These include Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, UK and Italy.

To date XC60 sold in the European markets, was built at the Volvo cars torslanda factory, Sweden. Although not confirmed, this step is probably caused by a trade war between the US and China. According to a report last year, Volvo had planned to use the European factory to export SUV XC60 in the United States to avoid a 25 percent tariff imposed by the administration of the tramp on the cars of Chinese production. Previously sold in the U.S. the XC60 was imported from China.

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XC60 – the first Volvo built in China, which the manufacturer has exported to Europe. In 2017, the Swedish brand Geely began supplying Executive sedan S90 from city of Daqing, located in northeast China. Interestingly, the trains that sent the SUV XC60 in Belgium, returned to China loaded with SUVs XC90 made in Torslanda, Sweden, and V40 hatchbacks made in Ghent, Belgium.

China is the largest market for Volvo worldwide, so for a manufacturer it makes sense to build there a large share of their vehicles. In the first half of 2019 China was sold 67 741 car, which is 10% more than in the same period in 2018.

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