Volvo’s new crossover doesn’t need a driver

Volvo’s new crossover doesn’t need a driver


The Swedish company Volvo plans to introduce autopilot in the next generation of its electric vehicles, the first of which will be the ideological successor to the XC90 SUV. The technology will be called Ride Pilot, and for the first time only California residents will be able to use it, who will be provided with it by subscription.

The system is still undergoing testing in Sweden, so it will not be possible to see it on production machines soon. Zenseact will help Volvo collect data for the Ride Pilot. Zenseact CEO Edgard Anderson is confident that their software will play a key role in calibrating the Ride Pilot.

Thanks to Ride Pilot, the car will be able to receive information about its location in real time. One lidar, five radars, eight cameras and sixteen ultrasonic sensors will help him in this.

Mats Moberg, Head of R&D at Volvo Cars, gives the floor:

We are proud to announce plans to launch our first autonomous driving feature in the US. We strive to set a new industry standard for self-driving without compromising safety.

Using brand new Zenseact AD software and Luminar lidar in our new all-electric SUV will represent a watershed moment for Volvo Cars, as well as automotive safety and autonomous driving in general. “

Volvo refrained from disclosing the timing of the debut of the Ride Pilot system. However, word has spread online that the brand’s new electric SUV (on which the Ride Pilot will debut) will arrive next year, and the 2021 Volvo Recharge Concept anticipates that particular model. Apparently, on the way to serial implementation, it will undergo minimal external changes.

Recall that a little earlier the premium sub-brand Volvo shared details about the upcoming Polestar 5 model with monstrously powerful P10 electric motors, thanks to which it will be able to surpass the Tesla Model S Plaid and Lucid Air Dream Edition sedans in total output.

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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