Volyn customs konfiskoval on the border of two electric Renault Z. E.

Volyn customs konfiskoval on the border of two electric Renault Z. E.

Volyn customs office of the SFS confiscated from the families of two truck electric car Renault Kangoo Z. E. the reason – the wrongful intention of importation into the customs territory of Ukraine of freight electric vehicles under the guise of a passenger.

As reported in the State fiscal service of Ukraine, two members of the same family is originally from Rivne region brought two similar car Renault Kangoo Z. E., through the checkpoint called Yagodin.

The drivers claimed that are imported for personal needs not related to entrepreneurial activity, passenger electric vehicles with a battery capacity of 22 kWh. Accordingly, the stated invoiced value of electric vehicles at 4.3 and 3.7 thousand euros.

However, during customs inspection it was found that inside the vehicle there are no signs of comfort, covering, interior fittings. Of the four passenger seats, two were not included in the configuration of the car, not fixed in any way, there was no parts for attaching the seat belts of passengers. Instead, between the rear part of the bodywork and driver’s cab were fixing fixed partitions (typical for truck).

These and other features, after the findings of the relevant experts, proved the identity of electric vehicles to freight. And the classification of the goods in this case are very important because for each type there are different tax rates.

In the end, the drivers confessed that was not declared properly electric trucks to avoid paying customs duties. After all, according to Ukrainian legislation, the duty is 0% for passenger cars. Also, passenger electric vehicles are exempt from VAT.

For the Declaration of goods in the prescribed manner both cars taken to a customs warehouse. Article 472 of the Customs code of Ukraine provides for such offences the confiscation of goods and imposition of penalty in the full amount of its value (court decision). By the way, according to the NBU rate the value of the seized car of 127.8 and 110,4 thousand UAH.

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