Vs trends: the future of McLaren for biofuel

Vs trends: the future of McLaren for biofuel


The Corporation McLaren has plans for the development of the prototype, which will operate on synthetic fuel to estimate the potential of technology as alternatives to electric.

And to make cars much cleaner also can combination environmentally friendly type of fuel and hybrid powertrains.

Experiments with synthetic fuel are not new to the automotive industry. For example, Audi has a plant, which produces synthetic diesel, and two racing taxi RS 5 DTM operating in a low-carbon fuel from the German company Aral.


Tests confirm that in comparison with ordinary gasoline, synthetics can 30% to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and now this will have to see the British brand McLaren.

Allegedly operating officer British brand Jenks Ludmann, synthetic fuel can not be fully replaced by electricity. The reason is simple: this technology is still at a nascent stage, and the number of production cars on electricity increases every year. The best option, according to Ludemann is to combine the biofuel with hybrid powertrains, which will give the opportunity to make supercars more “clean”.

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