VW Amarok is available with a discount of $10.000

VW Amarok is available with a discount of $10.000


At the beginning of its history, the pickups were considered purely utilitarian vehicles, and used them primarily farmers and representatives of small business. But that was before. The modern pickup truck is a very versatile car that can give you a lot of possibilities, and emotions. In other words, the pickup today – it’s a lifestyle. Pickup is free!

They say freedom is priceless. But today we can announce the exact cost. Because our hero “Chepachet” is the Volkswagen Amarok, which offered to buy discounts up to $10,000. And this despite the fact that the pickup is equipped with a V-shaped 3.0-liter diesel engine, not limited ehkonorm Euro 6!

Today, in addition to price/configurations and comparison with competitors will be a lot of technical details. We will examine what is best: the center sameblock Torsen or the system part-time; find out how safe is Amaroka “automatic”; talk about engines and, most importantly, dispel the myth that cars with rear leaf spring suspension can’t be controlled.

More details in the video. Pleasant viewing!

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