VW chooses name for “hot” electric cars

VW chooses name for “hot” electric cars


Volkswagen has announced the debut date of the first “charged” electric car – it will be shown on April 28th. The top modification VW ID.4 will receive the GTX prefix, which the German brand chose as opposed to the GTI, GTD and GTE in cars with internal combustion engines.

The name GTX for the line is chosen by analogy with GTI, GTD and GTE, which denote gasoline, diesel and hybrid “charged” Volkswagen. Now powerful electric cars have their own index, and the ID.4 GTX will become the firstborn of the line.

ID.4 in the GTX version will receive a second electric motor mounted on the front axle. In normal mode, the engine will be able to turn on in a few milliseconds if additional power is required, while in the new Traction mode it will run continuously.

The total recoil of the ID.4 GTX powerplant has not yet been revealed. According to preliminary data, the two electric motors will produce up to 306 horsepower. The same amount is developed by the installation of the sports Skoda Enyaq iV RS, which accelerates from standstill to 96 kilometers per hour in 6.2 seconds – more than one second faster than the standard Enyaq.

In addition to the twin-engine installation and all-wheel drive, the GTX-modification can be distinguished by a sportier appearance, a special optics pattern, as well as a modified suspension and improved brakes.

Previously, Volkswagen began selling R-versions of the Volkswagen Arteon liftback and the Arteon Shooting Brake station wagon in Europe. For cars with a 320-horsepower engine and four-wheel drive, they ask for from 63 095 and 63 980 euros, respectively.

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