VW finally learned to be updated “by air”

VW finally learned to be updated “by air”


Volkswagen has announced that it will regularly update the software of its electric vehicles using OTA (Over-the-Air) technology from July. CEO Ralph Brandstätter has promised ID-model updates “every twelve weeks.” The first version of ID.Software2.3 will be received by the Volkswagen ID.3 hatchbacks, which are part of the “pioneer club”. Then the software will be able to download “over the air” owners of SUVs Volkswagen ID.4 and Volkswagen ID.4 GTX. Software adjustments will improve functionality, performance, and comfort as directed by the Accelerate plan.

The Germans say they are taking “the next big step” towards becoming a “mobility provider.” They say that the Volkswagen brand is becoming the first major manufacturer to regularly update software via mobile data transmission and thereby lays the foundation for new business models.

The MEB platform and the new electronic architecture (“more powerful and smarter”) allow up to 35 control units to be updated simultaneously. Wireless data transmission occurs to the onboard servers ICAS (In Car Application Server).

The new version of ID.Software2.3 will affect the lighting of ID.Light (for example, in terms of high beam control), optimize the recognition of the environment, increase the operability of the media center and diversify the “digital customer experience”. The ID.Digital and Cariad divisions are responsible for the update. It seems that Volkswagen, claiming leadership in the implementation of OTA, does not consider Tesla a large manufacturer, which has been practicing “air updates” since 2012. However, OTA does not cancel “physical” product reviews for the Mask company.

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