VW Golf generation 9 still get ice

VW Golf generation 9 still get ice


The group promises that even after 10 years in the heat of the universal electrification of automobiles can be bought “Golf” with the internal combustion engine.

As a joke sometimes automotive engineers, it is necessary only to introduce a new generation model which were invested all the power and emotions as it is time to think about what will be the next generation. Only consumers do not know about. However, this time Volkswagen has shared plans for the ninth “Golf”.


Yes, we still understand and consider new (and even innovative) technology Golf VIII, and there are thoughts about a future model, which will be released 7-10 years? The fact that Volkswagen has created a special section for electric models, and journalists from Top Gear thought about what will happen to the best-selling brand in this regard. However, the interlocutor of the edition said that the next Golf will in any case be available with a conventional internal combustion engine.

According to the source, even by 2030, to achieve full electrification of the model range Volkswagen will not be – such optimism is not shared even in the top leadership of the group. So Golf IX, which will appear in the 2027-2029 gg, simply can not do without the usual motors. And certainly many conservative buyers only please.

Rumors of the death of diesel is exaggerated?

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