VW Golf has become less “slow”

VW Golf has become less “slow”


The 8th generation Volkswagen Golf family began to be equipped with an updated multimedia complex. The software and hardware have undergone modernization, so there should be fewer “brakes and glitches”.

The eighth generation Golf went on sale in October 2019, and as is often the case with new cars, the first batches were accompanied by certain problems. Buyers complained about the poor performance of the media system, and due to a malfunction of the emergency call function, the manufacturer even had to suspend the supply of cars just a few months after the start of sales. Moreover, in early 2021, Volkswagen announced a major service campaign to address issues with the multimedia and rear view camera software. It affected about 56 thousand cars produced before June 2020.

Volkswagen is now releasing a major electronics update to the Golf VIII with optimized software and new voice control “which provides fast speech recognition and precise response.” The MIB3 system understands freely worded phrases and can even determine who is speaking to it – the driver or the passenger. The voice assistant can ask clarifying questions, and the user can also interrupt him in mid-sentence.

These MIB3 system innovations are made possible by a new, more powerful system on a chip (SoC). Its central processing unit consists of four cores, as well as a video card and digital signal processor for sound. The new SoC is 25% more powerful than the previous one, while the “graphics” performance is increased three times. Therefore, applications, including navigation, should launch faster and run smoother.

Owners of already delivered vehicles will also be able to receive updated software. It will begin to be installed from the beginning of 2022.

Another interesting innovation concerns the touchscreen response while driving over bumps. In such conditions, the system detects the approach of the user’s hand and locks the touch buttons for controlling the volume and climate control, leaving only the screen with navigation running active. This way, false positives should be avoided.

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