VW has officially unveiled the VW ID autonomous van. Buzz

VW has officially unveiled the VW ID autonomous van. Buzz


Volkswagen used its pre-event at the Munich Motor Show to unveil the ID. Buzz AD (Autonomous driving). The model, co-developed by Argo AI and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, is based on the highly anticipated ID. Buzz and is equipped with cameras, radar and lidar sensors that provide a 360-degree view of the environment.

Volkswagen said the roof-mounted lidar can detect objects over 400 meters away. Along the way, the Germans noted that the model was patented “Geiger mode technology”, which allows it to detect a single photon of light.

This means that the drone will be able to “see objects with low reflectivity, such as black cars. In addition to a set of sensors, the model is equipped with the Argo AI autonomous driving system, which includes maps, equipment and special software. This allows the prototype to “predict the actions of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, and control the motor, steering and brakes so that the car moves safely and naturally like an experienced driver.”

The prototype is undergoing extensive testing in preparation for the launch of the MOIA group ride service.

It should start serving Hamburg residents starting in 2025, and while it’s still a long way off, Argo AI CEO Brian Salsky noted that a prototype will soon hit the streets of Munich for testing.

At the pre-event event, Volkswagen CEO Dr. Herbert Diess said the company is moving from “an automobile manufacturer to a leading global software-based mobile service provider.

The unmanned prototype gives us a better look at the upcoming ID.Buzz, which was announced as a concept back in 2017. As you can see, the van has lost its retro design and received traditional door handles as well as mirrors. The prototype also boasts a revamped bodywork, pronounced wheel arches and a less daring design.

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