VW hung in the window of the third floor of the dealership

VW hung in the window of the third floor of the dealership


The Network has published a video, shot in Acassuso in the Northern part of Buenos Aires. Video shows how the Volkswagen, which has put on the market, squeezed his weight in the glass room, located on the 3rd floor at the dealership.

The vehicle miraculously not spilled out. Employee of the company during this incident was inside the car. He promptly corrected his mistake by pressing on the brake pedal at the last moment.


Car 2/3 of the body went out and hung. The rear bumper of the vehicle caught during the fall of the ceiling. If the car slipped down, it would land on the territory of the bus stop where there were a lot of people.

Balancing the vehicle was temporarily fixed with belts. In this position, Volkswagen waited for the arrival of rescue and fire services.

The driver pulled from the car through the rear door. However, the moment of salvation, employee of the dealership behind the scenes.

Netizens have noted that on the one hand the incident was quite dangerous, but on the other hand, the situation looks rather funny.

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