VW ID.3 and ID.4 to receive air-to-air updates

VW ID.3 and ID.4 to receive air-to-air updates


The German automaker is preparing the Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4 for over-the-air updates that will be available from summer. Most ID.3 and ID.4 owners currently require a one-time dealer visit to use this feature to install the previously announced major and important update.

Starting next summer, it will be possible to receive updates for the Volkswagen ID.3 or ID.4 wirelessly. Volkswagen has developed a new version of the operating system for this. All new Volkswagen ID.4 and ID.3 created from calendar week 8 (last week of February) will receive this new software immediately. Older models can get an update for this new operating system in the service. Customers are encouraged to do so this March.

The updated operating system with the name “ID.Software2.1” is a revision of the previously announced ID models. This also applies to the update that Volkswagen has mentioned in response to recent issues with the ID.3. In addition to the fact that this update allows, as already mentioned, to receive updates over the air in the long term, it is also expected that the performance of ID models will improve with new features.

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