VW ID.7 first appeared on public roads

VW ID.7 first appeared on public roads


This is the materialization of the ID Vizzion concept, a more luxurious alternative coming with the most powerful engine and battery configurations.

A camouflage prototype of the new Volkswagen ID.7 model has begun testing. Photo spies managed to take a picture of the car and these pictures confirm that it really is ID. 7. The photographs show the front with its characteristic narrow headlights. Despite the rather low quality of the images, you can see the shape of the bumper and air intakes, which are made in the same style as on the VW ID.4.

The profile of the car shows that the future ID.7 will have a sporty look, inspired by the ID Vizzion concept.

The interior has the same proportions as the Passat and Arteon models. The interior of the vehicle will meet the space requirements of this model, which is 4.9 meters long.

The new ID.7 will be built at the German plant in Emden starting in 2023. The presentation of the car will take place next year. This model will be the last one based on the MEB. As a reminder, this platform is equipped with two electric motors with different power levels, four-wheel drive and batteries of maximum capacity, the range of which ranges from 590 to 700 kilometers.

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