VW introduced a Tiguan with an upgraded interior

VW introduced a Tiguan with an upgraded interior


A large retractable tablet has appeared in the interior of the modernized Volkswagen Tiguan for the Chinese car market.

The Chinese division of the German concern demonstrated the Tiguan crossover with a rethought interior. The extended version of the Tiguan L and the coupe-like Tiguan X for the Chinese car market acquired a redesigned head panel from the creators, as well as a modern infotainment complex, designer seats and an upgraded robotic transmission selector.

The SUV from SAIC-Volkswagen can be recognized by the 12-inch touchscreen. In other global markets, even the most complete variations are delivered with a 9.2-inch screen.

The modernized Tiguan L for China is almost 100% similar to the Tiguan Allspace. Chinese drivers now have the opportunity to purchase the popular coupe model. The interior of the extended version is the same as that of the standard European configuration.

The Tiguan for the PRC has an updated infotainment system, an air conditioning control unit with touch buttons. The salon is decorated in two colors. Top-end designs now have profiled armchairs.

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Versions of the Tiguan L and Tiguan X received the same power plants as the pre-styling models. Under the hood is a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with a displacement of 2 liters with 186 “horses” for front-wheel drive configurations and 220 hp. for all-wheel drive versions.

In addition, the Tiguan L received a 1.4-liter engine under the hood paired with a hybrid installation, producing 211 “horses” or in the usual turbocharged variation with 150 hp. The DSG robotic transmission is now standard equipment.

In China, the extended Tiguan L crossover is on sale from 215,800 yuan or $ 33,300, and the more powerful and richly equipped Tiguan X is offered from 245,900 yuan or $ 37,900.

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