VW is developing an ambulance with autopilot

VW is developing an ambulance with autopilot


Volkswagen is considering the possibility of producing several modifications of the future serial electric car ID at once. Buzz with automatic control system. At the ITS World Congress in Hamburg, dedicated to the development of the transport systems of the future, the Germans presented the concept of an unmanned ambulance.

The uploaded video shows a prototype based on the ID model. Buzz with the distinctive yellow-red-blue ambulance livery. The car has no external controls, and the front seat is turned towards the cabin with special equipment.

There are no details about the car yet. However, Volkswagen showed other possible modifications to the drone ID in the video. Buzz, including mobile office on wheels, delivery van and self-driving taxis. It is assumed that such cars will appear after 2025.

At the beginning of September, at the Munich Motor Show, Volkswagen spoke about the equipment and capabilities of such vehicles, when the Germans presented the unmanned minivan ID. Buzz AD, created in cooperation with the American developer of automatic control systems Argo AI.

A special module with a complex of sensors, radars, video cameras, microphones and an optical LiDAR rangefinder was installed on the roof of the concept car. The latter provides constant all-round visibility. As the developers note, the system is able to see “every photon at a distance of up to 400 meters.” Artificial intelligence can predict different behaviors for other road users, including cyclists and pedestrians.

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