VW is testing a replacement for the Passat

VW is testing a replacement for the Passat


Volkswagen has begun testing prototypes of a promising electric sedan on public roads. The upcoming novelty will be a formal replacement for the familiar gasoline Passat, writes Autocar.

The prototype, seen during road tests, has its own original body, that is, it is not a mule. However, it is still disguised, the front and rear car stickers are styled like a Volkswagen Jetta – to attract less attention on the roads.

Meanwhile, the production variant, which goes on sale in 2023, should be similar to the ID Vizzion concept shown in 2018. In the future, there will be an electric station wagon in the style of ID Space Vizzion.

Vehicle name has not been confirmed yet. Previously, it was assumed that the model will be called ID. 6, but in the spring there was an electric crossover for China with this name. The project is currently under the internal designation Aero-B.

Technical details are kept secret, but there is no doubt that, following the example of other models of the ID series, the sedan will be produced in versions with rear and all-wheel drive (that is, with one or two electric motors). According to some reports, the capacity of the top battery will be 84 kW * h, it will provide a cruising range of up to 700 kilometers.

The electric equivalent of the Passat in the European market will compete with the Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2.

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