VW pretended to be Chinese Changan to hide the new Tiguan?!

VW pretended to be Chinese Changan to hide the new Tiguan?!


That Volkswagen Tiguan will turn into a “compartment”, has long been known, and the first spy shots of disguised cross littered with rear racks posted in early March, they were made in China. And here kupeobrazny Tiguan once again caught on the roads of China, fresh pictures circulated local newspaper Cheshi. It would seem that this time the lens hit the car without camouflage, because the usual spotty film to be seen. However, the disguise is, only it is more sophisticated than before.

So, the Tiguan “turned” in the cross-coupe Changan CS85: front pasted strips of silver that mimic chrome decor and even built columns with lights. Note, to give their new products for models other brands – a favorite pastime of Volkswagen. For example, last fall caught during test electricross ID.4 pretended Opel, electrojet ID.3 in the test phase “clothed” in the Nissan Leaf, also informed the paparazzi caught prototypes disguised as KIA and Dacia.

Fresh footage is still possible to consider the optics kupeobrazny crossover VW: headlamp made in the style of the latest Golf, the same received and facelifted Tiguan with the “traditional” body that mark was shining on the official teaser a month ago.


The engine range coupe will likely share with a standard SUV: global pre-reform submitted Tiguan 1.4 TSI petrol, 1.5 TSI and 2.0 TSI and 2.0 TDI diesel. The Europeans, both versions still will probably be offered in the form of hybrids, plus a “charged” version of R – that can receive and kupeobrazny crossover utility vehicle (assuming that “hot” Tiguan R will be equipped with “turboservice” 2.0 with a power of 333 HP as the upcoming Golf R).

The standard presentation of the updated Tiguan, according to preliminary data, scheduled for the summer. Kupeobrazny also probably present already this year, and, apparently, the first will get Chinese. By the way, in China for the model have already chosen a name – Tiguan X. But whether to keep this name for “coupe” – is the question.

Meanwhile in China will soon start selling other cross coupe Volkswagen – Tayron X is already a local “exclusive”, in other countries, this SUV will not appear.

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