VW reveals elements of the new Multivan

VW reveals elements of the new Multivan


Volkswagen has published another teaser for the new Multivan. Last time we were introduced to the appearance of the minibus, now they focused on the transformable interior.

On the second and third rows of seats, instead of sofas, separate chairs will be installed, which will easily move in the longitudinal direction and be removed for transporting long items. In this case, the second-row seats can also be turned 180 degrees so that passengers communicate face to face. In addition, Volkswagen announced that it has “reinvented” a table that can be slid to any of the seats.

Earlier it became known that the Volkswagen Multivan will be fully declassified in June this year. It has also been confirmed that the passenger model will receive a plug-in hybrid powertrain at the start of sales. It is believed that Multivan will move to the MQB platform after the new Volkswagen Caddy, that is, it will be very close in terms of technology to the latest Volkswagen Golf. Among other things, in the new teaser, you can see the roof of the new Volkswagen Multivan with a pair of hatches and side glazing with an increased area.

As it became known earlier, in parallel with the new Multivan, the commercial Transporter T6.1 will continue to be produced. It will survive a generational change in a couple of years, and it will be a separate Turkish-made model based on the Ford Transit Custom. At the same time, Volkswagen will start producing all-electric minivans and ID vans. Buzz, which will appear in both Europe and the US.

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