VW reveals revamped Polo GTI

VW reveals revamped Polo GTI


Volkswagen has revealed what the updated Polo GTI will look like. Judging by the sketch, the “heated” modification will feature a Golf GTI-style front bumper, original wheels and decor. The full premiere of the updated Polo GTI will take place at the end of June, but most likely the technical stuffing will not change after the restyling.

The updated Volkswagen Polo GTI will be similar to the “older” Golf GTI with a coarse mesh front bumper with integrated fog lights and full-width LED daytime running lights.

Probably, the GTI version will differ from the usual Polo with the R-Line package by a different configuration of the exhaust system with round tailpipes, diffuser design, “branded” brake calipers, profiled front seats and revised graphics of the virtual instrument panel.

Volkswagen confirms that the Polo GTI will retain its front-wheel drive, high-torque engine and sporty chassis. The upgrade will hardly touch the technical stuffing: a 2.0-liter turbo engine with 207 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque will probably remain under the hood. The return of the “mechanics” is not planned: all Polo GTIs will be equipped with a 7-speed “robot” DSG.

At the moment, prices for Volkswagen Polo GTI in Germany start at 26.4 thousand euros. German journalists do not expect a serious rise in the price of the model after restyling.

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