VW ridicules Subaru Outback

VW ridicules Subaru Outback


The American division of Volkswagen has released a video showing the all-electric crossover ID.4. The video also shows a Japanese station wagon equipped with a classic internal combustion engine. Using various techniques, it is said that an electric car is better than a gasoline station wagon.

The 30-second video reveals that the ID.4 is “the best choice for your family” and that the crossover’s electric propulsion system runs completely silent, allowing people to “soak up the sweet sounds of nature.” It’s all beautiful and graceful, until for a short time the Japanese station wagon Subaru Outback, which is equipped with a classic internal combustion engine that “interrupts the music of mother nature”, appears in the frame.

VW passively-aggressively criticizes the owners of non-environmentally friendly Subaru Outback for not caring about the environment – this is done with special stickers “I love nature”.

The point of the advertisement is that ID.4 protects our fragile nature well, while a traditional gasoline-powered car is not only harmful to the environment, but also noisy.

Another detail that caught our attention is the contrast between the impeccably clean exterior of the VW ID.4 and the dirty bodywork of the Outback station wagon, further highlighting the differences between EVs and standard ICE cars.

Subaru has sold nearly 139,000 gasoline-powered crossovers (including the Outback station wagon) and has yet to unveil all-electric models. The automaker is teaming up with Toyota to create a zero-emission SUV, potentially called the Evoltis, while VW is investing heavily in new ICE-less models. ID.5 and ID.6 are launching in select markets this year, followed by ID Buzz in 2022, entry-level ID.1 in 2025 and Trinity sedan in 2026.

Not long ago, our publication wrote that an electric crossover VW ID.5 was seen on tests. The German brand is testing a prototype VW ID.5 coupe electric crossover in the snowy north. It is known that the debut of new items will take place later this year.

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