VW shows off new Multivan dashboard

VW shows off new Multivan dashboard


Never before has Volkswagen put so much effort into a teaser campaign for a new Transporter model. The T7 is just around the corner and the company’s commercial arm is stepping up its pre-campaign for the passenger version of the Multivan ahead of its June premiere. VW has released more revealing teasers.

The variant shown here is the Bulli with its two-tone paint and LED strip in the grille to create a visual connection to the DRLs built into the main panels. Something similar has already been seen on other recent models, including the refreshed Polo that debuted last week. VW is not saying what type of powertrain is hiding under the hood. This is likely a confirmed plug-in hybrid installation already.

The VW Commercial Vehicles teaser focuses on the interior with a dual-screen digital instrument cluster adapted from the eighth generation VW Golf. This adds fuel to the rumor that the T7 will move to the MQB platform to offer more vehicle options.

The model will definitely not receive “mechanics”: Multivan will be produced only with DSG. Not just a dual-clutch automatic, but a wire-shift setup. Disconnecting the third pedal and wiring the vehicle means there is no longer a need for a mechanical connection, freeing up valuable space in the middle.

The 10-inch touchscreen provides a 360-degree view of the Multivan for the first time, thanks to the optional Area View system, which greatly simplifies parking and maneuvering in tight spaces. Volkswagen also says goodbye to the traditional handbrake lever. Instead, an electric handrail was installed to the left of the multimedia system. It is activated by a button to increase the space between the two front seats.

Thanks to these changes, you can now quickly jump from the front to the rear, or use the integrated table as a center console between the driver and front passenger seats.

Additional teasers will be available prior to debut in early summer.

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