VW “skhantil” engineers Apple and BMW

VW “skhantil” engineers Apple and BMW


The Volkswagen Group has hired two renowned battery experts from Apple and BMW to enhance their expertise in next-generation battery technology.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Suhno Ahn, the former head of global battery development at Apple, began his job this month as chief technical officer of the VW Group’s battery division. Jörg Hoffmann, former Head of Battery, Fuel Cells and Electric Drive at BMW, joined the VW Group in October as head of solid-state battery program management.

These steps were first reported by the German Manager Magazin. VW has confirmed these appointments.

Ahn joined Apple in 2018 to lead battery development after leaving battery maker Samsung SDI, where he rose to the position of Senior Vice President of Battery Innovation and Next Generation Materials. Prior to that, he was responsible for the development of lithium-ion batteries at a South Korean company.

Hoffman has worked at BMW for 21 years, according to his LinkedIn profile, which did not detail his career progression. His previous positions at the German automaker included managing the production of electrical components.

VW is working on solid-state cells with QuantumScape, a Stanford subsidiary in which VW owns a third of the shares with a $ 300 million investment.

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