VW stops development of DVS

VW stops development of DVS


The head of the Volkswagen brand announced that the company will no longer develop new internal combustion engines and will instead focus on refining the existing generation.

As the head of Volkswagen, Ralph Brandstätter, said in an interview with Automobilwoche, the brand will focus on updating the existing line of power units, and it no longer makes sense to develop new internal combustion engines. Like a similar decision by Audi, this is due to the promising tightening of environmental standards in the European Union: in 2027 it is planned to introduce the Euro-7 standard, which, according to automakers, significantly limits the capabilities of internal combustion engines and makes the development of new generation engines simply futile. p>

At the same time, according to the head of Audi, Markus Düsmann, the environmental gain will be minimal, so it makes no sense to spend resources on a new family of engines, originally designed for the Euro-7 standard, under such conditions. As a result, both Volkswagen and Audi will focus on adapting existing units to the new EU environmental directives. The exact parameters of the future Euro-7 standard have yet to be approved by ecologists: it is assumed that the maximum emissions of nitrogen oxides will be reduced by the authorities from the current 80 milligrams per kilometer to 30.

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