VW suspends production of Tiguan and Jetta

VW suspends production of Tiguan and Jetta


Representatives of the Volkswagen concern have confirmed that the company is forced to suspend production of the VW Tiguan crossover from May 6 to 16 and the VW Jetta sedan from May 3 to 19. Both cars are built at the company’s plant in Puebla, Mexico, where Taos and Golfs are also assembled.

In a statement, VW said that “chip shipments will remain low in the coming months.” That said, the Volkswagen Group advised its managers earlier this week to prepare for more production in the second quarter.

“Suppliers and Volkswagen Group representatives tell us that we will have to face serious challenges in the second quarter, possibly more complex than in the first quarter,” said Seat CEO Wayne Griffiths. He added that the management of the concern will decide which cars to assemble only after the company receives the chips from suppliers.

“The situation has been exacerbated, for example, by snowstorms that have hit Texas, as large chipmakers based there have been forced to stop or curtail their production,” VW said in a statement last week. “For this reason, further production adjustments cannot be ruled out.”

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the Volkswagen Tiguan from the FineAuto team:

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