VW Tiguan discount $10k! This just no longer…

VW Tiguan discount $10k! This just no longer…


The updated Tiguan is probably one of the most anticipated products of the year 2020, both in Europe and here in Ukraine. But what to do with unsold party dorestaylingovyh car? Correctly, buy them with the maximum benefit for themselves, for example, discounted to $10 thousand Tempting? So we think. Therefore, for you went the second time to remove the “Chepachet” about Volkswagen Tiguan and deal with all the pitfalls, if any.

In the video, as always, we will choose the winning option the price/equipment/motor, driving the car on a lift, discuss technical issues, and test the 220-strong TIG rumored to be one of the fastest crossover in the class. In the final answer to the main question: does it make sense to take dorectal or is it better to wait for the updated version?

Pleasant viewing!

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