VW told when will show new Transporter and Amarok

VW told when will show new Transporter and Amarok


Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles held an online conference summing up the results of 2020 and shared plans for the future. Among other things, they talked about new models.

CEO Carsten Intra announced from the stage that the Volkswagen T7, which was first shown to us last week, will be fully declassified this June. In this case, we are talking exclusively about the passenger Multivan: the Transporter T6.1 commercial van will remain in service even after the change of generations.

The new Multivan will receive a plug-in hybrid powertrain from the start of sales, and will be joined by an all-electric Volkswagen ID in 2022. Buzz. It is expected that in the United States it will be sold only in the form of a minibus, but the Europeans will also be offered a cargo version – in the spirit of the ID concept. Buzz Cargo.

A new commercial Transporter for Volkswagen will be developed by Ford based on its Transit Custom. The production of vans under both brands will be established in 2023 at the Turkish enterprise of the American concern. In the same year, at the Ford plant in Cologne, the production of a certain passenger electric vehicle based on the Volkswagen MEB architecture began. In addition, the Volkswagen Caddy will donate the Ford Transit Connect as part of this partnership.

Karsten Intra also confirmed that the new Volkswagen Amarok, which will be released in 2022, will retain the brand identity of the German brand, although it will technically be analogous to the new Ford Ranger. The production of both pickups will be set up at the Ford plant in Africa. The original “Amarok” was taken off the assembly line in Hannover last year – now it will be doing just ID there. Buzz and other electric vehicles on the MEB platform.

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