VW Touareg: diesel or petrol?

VW Touareg: diesel or petrol?


After FineAuto managed to offer a $ 1,000 discount to buyers (and our subscribers) of the new Volkswagen Touareg, there is only one question left to solve: will buyers of diesel or gasoline versions be lucky? We put it in social networks. And then it happened!..

The point is not even in who called whom and what words, but in the fact that the opinions of the audience were polarized, but at the same time everyone had their own opinion at least in some way, and argued. That is, there were a lot of arguments, to put it mildly.

For a discount, we chose the gasoline (3.0 TSI) Volkswagen Touareg. From our story, you will learn why. You will find a detailed (almost scientific) comparison of the dynamics of crossovers on a gasoline and diesel V6, the history of the appearance of the so mythologized 3.0 V6 ea839 series, a horror story with a mention of the words “bullies” and “maslozhor”, as well as objective data on fuel consumption of various models.

It will be very informative, so enjoy watching it!

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