VW Transporter became the world’s oldest commercial vehicle

VW Transporter became the world’s oldest commercial vehicle


In absolute rating of “age” models, which are produced continuously, the collection now ranks third.

The title of the car with the longest biography is currently owned Chevrolet Suburban – SUV was born in 1935 and since then, the names have not changed. In the second place confidently settled family of pickups Ford F-Series, first released in 1948.

The third position belonged to the famous “Beetle”, the official year of whose birth – 1949, if VW took not so long ago crucial decisions about the care model in a kind of “Hall of fame”. However, Volkswagen is another car that has stood the test of time.

VW Transporter in March, noted the 70th anniversary: this makes it the oldest on the planet commercial vehicle from those that are available today. Already replaced six generations of the Transporter first came off the Assembly line in Wolfsburg in 1950 and later became known under a variety of names – Bulli, Kombi, Microbus and so on and so forth.


In the serial model the van turned once at the factory in Wolfsburg successfully tested assembled on the chassis of the VW Beetle a car for the transportation of automotive components. And by 1967, when it was created the second generation of Transporter, Volkswagen was able to sell almost two million vans and passenger vans. Now the number of overseas “Transporters” of various modifications reaches 13 million.

And last year Volkswagen has introduced a new family of VW T6.1, which expanded the engine range, providing advanced multimedia solutions and returned the two-tone version of body painting in memory of the first VW T1.

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