VW wants to get ahead of Tesla

VW wants to get ahead of Tesla


Tesla is the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer. Tesla has stayed far ahead of the competition for years, but things are changing rapidly. The Volkswagen Group has become actively interested in electrification, and this company has huge potential and many “subsidiary” brands.

With family ID. the Germans have proven that they can produce more attractive electric cars.

VW Group CEO Herbert Diess has repeatedly stated that the company is going to steal market share from Tesla and ultimately surpass the American electric car manufacturer, becoming the leader in this promising segment. And we are not talking about a period of 10-20 years. He believes VW will be able to achieve this by 2025.

The VW Group says it will have built around 70 battery-powered vehicles worldwide by 2030. The company recently added that it plans to significantly strengthen its strategy for selling electric vehicles in the United States. This came after Volkswagen became aware of President Biden’s plan to promote the introduction of electric vehicles.

According to LMC Automotive analysts, VW is on track to achieve Tesla’s global market share by 2025. However, such a forecast is currently quite difficult as Tesla is building two new factories, one in Texas and one in Germany.

Both are expected to launch before the end of 2021. Since VW will supply 70 electric vehicles by 2030, there is a good chance it will eventually catch up with Tesla. However, many auto experts called the forecast for 2025 risky – during this time the situation on the market may change dramatically.

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