VW will stop selling cars with DVS! When will it happen?

VW will stop selling cars with DVS! When will it happen?


Klaus Zellmer, head of sales at Volkswagen, in an interview with the German newspaper Muenchner Merkur, admitted that from 2033–2035 the company will stop offering cars with an internal combustion engine to Europeans.

Not to say we’re very surprised, as in recent months automakers have already announced similar “green” plans – all of them aiming to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in order to meet the tightening environmental standards in Europe.

In the same interview, Zellmer also noted that the deadline for the United States and China will come a little later, but the top manager did not mention a specific period. In South America and Africa, this step will take “much longer” as both regions are not yet legislatively ready for the transition to electric cars and due to the lack of the necessary infrastructure.

Our attention was also drawn to the fact that the period for the transition to battery-powered vehicles has been set so far only for the Volkswagen brand itself, and not for the entire group of companies. However, the preliminary period for the brands that are part of the concern has already been announced – they want to make the VW fleet completely CO2-neutral by 2050.

Reuters recently reported, citing the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung, that Audi is retiring internal combustion engine cars in five years.

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