VW’s “refueling robots”: new details

VW’s “refueling robots”: new details


The Volkswagen Group Components division has shared new details about “robot tankers” for electric cars, which first became known back in 2019. The company said that the mobile charging robot has successfully passed to the status of a prototype and now the process of its completion begins.

With the advent of robots, charging an electric car will become easier. For example, do not have to look for a special Parking space, it will be enough to cause a “tanker” with the help of mobile apps. The robot is a mobile module equipped with a camera, laser scanner, ultrasonic sensors and a manipulator: it drives up to the electric car together with a mobile battery, the so-called “charger”, and activates charging.

Each mobile storage device has a capacity of 25 kilowatt-hours. There is support for direct current charging with a capacity of up to 50 kilowatts.

The robot can install “chargers” at several electric cars that are parked in different parts of the Parking lot. After the batteries are charged, the robot collects the mobile batteries and takes them to recharge. The whole process takes place without human intervention.

Volkswagen Group Components has not yet announced the timing of the appearance of such robots, but they expect that such systems can be put into mass operation “in the coming years”.

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