W16 for two: Aston Martin is preparing two new sports cars

W16 for two: Aston Martin is preparing two new sports cars


UK company Aston Martin has confirmed that it is working on two new supercars. Both models will receive a promising V-shaped 8-cylinder engine, the manufacturer also promised not to produce crossovers larger than the DBX model.

At the headquarters of the British company, during the presentation of the Aston Martin DBX707 sports crossover, it was reported that the novelty will go on sale in 2024, and finishing work is currently underway. The topic of the Valhalla hybrid supercar, which was introduced in the summer of 2021, was discussed further.

This machine has a V-8 flat-cylinder engine in the engine bay, the same powertrain will be used in the second model, the Vanquish, expected on the market in 2025. Experts believe that the new engine is built on the basis of the German Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series engine, which provides both British supercars with original characteristics and the ability to customize the transmission.

In the development version, Valhalla will receive a V-shaped layout of the 750 hp engine. with., which will exceed 20 liters. With. capabilities of the German coupe. Two additional electric motors will produce another 204 hp. with., which ultimately provides the car with a potential of 954 liters. s.

Acceleration to the control 100 km / h takes 2.5 seconds. Both new sports car models will be released in hybrid versions. Considerable attention will be paid to the level of comfort in the cabin, as well as the sporty settings of the engine and transmission.

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