Wait? The new Audi R8 will be delayed for another two years

Wait? The new Audi R8 will be delayed for another two years


The Audi R8 coupe appeared on the market 14 years ago and has changed its generation only once, in 2015. In recent years, the popularity of the model in Europe has been declining, and the new generation, contrary to expectations, will appear only in 2023. According to the German Autobild, it will be a completely new car that can get a hybrid installation based on a 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine from Lamborghini Urus, the output of which will reach 700 horsepower.

German journalists are also voicing the second version: with the change of generation, the R8 will become fully electric, and this assumption sounds logical against the backdrop of tightening environmental standards and requirements for automakers in Europe. However, Audi already had a track record of launching the battery-powered R8 e-Tron in 2015, and it was not particularly popular.

The reason for the commercial failure of the R8 e-Tron was an expensive battery – the electric car was sold for a million dollars, so only about a hundred copies were sold in six months. Now, battery production has reached a new level, and it is likely that Audi can create a sports electric car with a competitive price tag.

As for the current R8, at the end of last year, 747 sports coupes were sold on the European market, which is 21.3 percent less than a year earlier – the low result is explained, among other things, by the restrictions introduced against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. The best year for the current generation of Audi R8 was 2016, when Audi sold 1,428 such cars. The R8 is equipped with a 5.2-liter V10 engine with either 562 or 612 horsepower.

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