Waiter Receives Surprise Ferrari Delivery!

Waiter Receives Surprise Ferrari Delivery!


I organized a surprise for a waiter in Cologne Germany – to drive the Ferrari 812 Superfast before his retirement. Special thanks to www.afluxuryrent.com – @afluxuryrentMy Caps – Follow me on:Music by:Water Melody – Paul FowlerBlood Orange – Sunset Exotic

today’s new addition is intimacy Nik and I went down to this local brew house which is basically like a brewery we’re trying to look for someone to get their attention to order and all there was was this one dude walking around with like a like a tray of beers right and so we tried to get his attention all he said was Kolsch I mean like sure what why not any plunks down two beers in front of us right and like okay right Kush must be like the local beer okay we wanted some food right obviously we went there for dinner he had no interest whatsoever in giving us a menu we kind of eventually got his attention and said can we order some food he goes why mm-hmm nick says walk because we’re hungry he goes on and give a if you’re hungry you’ll have more beer before you order food you’re like oh my god about that time like the tables around us kind of were laughing and we thought hanging a bit there must be some kind of in-house joke here I don’t know what’s going on so then we asked for some water and he said if you want war to go to the toilets any plonk two more beers in front of us walked away like oh I got he’s brashness actually got to the point where we’re in hysterics were laughing we’ve got tears rolling down our faces everyone else around us has only got beers as well I think the table in front of us had only just started getting food so we’re like hang on a minute if they have food there is food here I don’t know if he’s putting on a show but I think that’s just who he is but the style he doesn’t in is so awesome because you can see how dedicated he is to his art like it’s almost like a a show that he puts on for people every single night that takes such dedication to treat people like every day I was in awe of his dedication and I thought let’s do something for him I wasn’t ready for this experience and he’s not going to be ready for the experience I’m gonna give him today I have called my friends at AF luxury rent and they delivered me a Ferrari and 812 super fast here this morning all right there I’ve just asked how long it took them to get here about ten hours of driving to get this Ferrari here for me today which is crazy guys we’ve actually just found out his shift ends in ten minutes we’ve got to get there right now cuz otherwise he might just be gone and this whole thing was for nothing do you understand English if Ribeira of October it mine hot which is then to school okay I don’t know how this is gonna go you guys this is we’re all just feeling this out right now laughter Thank You Barry to do today Dovo yo ROC is Bank left Arboretum it’s awkward talk to each other so we’re gonna try this today okay we have a surprise for you if you have been an uber Dashiell we think your dedication to service is incredible visions are somebody has taught me I’m not nearly Diana ye-yeah teachers are Baptists ambien of Enid service yeah once weekly your home face massage pizza yeah oh it was really suck to be such Bryant see here on a visa polish that Wow yeah so we’ve heard that you were about to retire yeah me neither Biden depends on me yeah discovered – hey sue – – oh yeah he said that he’s somehow looking forward to it and maybe not so much because he loves to work here and he’s a lot of fun so but what he does like is he felt the need to work anymore on fire and he can if he wants to so he’ll come back no and again right just – so because he loves it so much that what we’re talking about his dedication is crazy like if you’ve worked in service most of the time the only time I look forward to is your block off but this why and his dedication to his craft is just amazing so we wanted to come back and thank him miss D reproduction know this so many for pensions you have a strong mentality this is mere you dish movie dish that’s a mistake then I’d better hey y’all get out Tommy come he also came here y’all mr. Barratt he’s ready she’s ready for this I have never delivered a Ferrari to someone who has served me at a restaurant before this is a first for me and it seems like he’s quite happy so I’m pleased about life usually I would be the one driving but today I want to hand over the keys do it get and so he can have his first Ferrari experience miss Dubois mythology Noonan appeared in one yeah yeah yeah yeah I saw her alright again but to take a seat it’s a gamma this is the engine start/stop break yeah I’m so dramatic me automatic crimson undress yeah okay strongest not much okay good how about incline vision escape Sean we know where the gas and the brake is and we know where their engine start/stop button is and I will come in next to you computer this insane change tone quite a modern here in G fund know if he does you guys are amazing give me high five I don’t know whose idea they saw spot oh we’re holding up a whole traffic and everything it was a good loss there we go so I thought is this juice yeah good what’s going to lead us was a bling glitched ah yeah doc here’s Rex all links so okay this is param veer off the altar bomb and be sure that I sure yeah I can’t speak charities desirable we’re gonna come together I can’t speak his language he can speak my language and um we’re in a Ferrari but you know what if you’re in a Ferrari everything is good we go guys now he’s getting a real go good okay good it’s okay good good good I’m glad I’m glad thanks to the store yeah I know Ferrari father and Buddhist me of how to start would a cost they can say how’s my ha ha ha yeah yeah yeah I mean it’s so expensive foolish oh that’s so nice so obviously it’s very expensive so you didn’t think that we would ever be able to drive one so and I’m just honestly me coming from a small country town in Queensland Australia I never really thought that I would be having this life either so I just wanted to share some super car love because I know just how special it is and my first time driving a supercar as well was just unbelievable so I’m so glad that experience yavi isn’t us about hello yes adults keep it under here alright that was so much fun alright big thanks to you guys for being part of our YouTube video today and I hope you enjoyed and just give us a big thumbs up thumbs up yeah thumbs up the video

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