Want a new X-Trail? Take a ride first on RAV4

Want a new X-Trail? Take a ride first on RAV4


The Nissan company decided to support the sales of the new generation of Rogue (we have a model sold under the name X-Trail) in the United States with an unusual marketing move. Dealers will provide anyone who wants to ride a Toyota RAV4, so that a potential buyer can compare competing models.

Starting in December, more than 500 American dealers of the brand will give customers the opportunity to take a test drive of the new RAV4, so that buyers can assess the differences between the models.

According to Nissan’s Vice President of sales Judy Wheeler, after potential buyers compare the Rogue and RAV4 with each other, they will be delighted with the brand’s “unique design, advanced technology, pricing policy”, and will eventually choose in favor of Nissan.

Toyota representatives noted that they are aware of the new strategy of competitors. The company is confident that despite the original move, buyers will choose the RAV4, the best-selling compact crossover in the United States.

In addition, it was recently noted that the Japanese company Nissan accidentally demonstrated a new model. It should be emphasized that this happened during the official demonstration of a facelifted version of the Navara pickup truck.

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