Wanted one, and got 27: a funny incident when ordering a Tesla Model 3

Wanted one, and got 27: a funny incident when ordering a Tesla Model 3


In Germany, a local resident mistakenly ordered 27 electric Tesla. As reported on the forum Reddit.com initially the Germans wanted to buy only one American electric car for his father.

In the words of the buyer, when buying a car online has the problem of payment. Because of the failure he had repeatedly to renew the order. In the end, after the problem has been corrected, all requests were accepted, the total amount of the order German made 1 404 000 Euro. However, with the driver card has written off only 2700 euros as a Deposit.


After the Germans turned to support, Tesla canceled the order. Also the customer has returned the Deposit. However, now the driver will have to re-order a new electric car.

Tesla started selling the Model 3 in Europe in 2019. At the moment there are two version of the car that are equipped with only one engine. The base car is capable of accelerating from standstill to 100 km/h in 5.6 s, and its maximum speed reaches 210 km/h. power Reserve is 354 km.

The Long Range variant is equipped with 258-horsepower electric motor, allowing you to dial “hundreds” of 5.1 seconds. In the spring the owners of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range has received the update software, which allowed to increase the cruising range of 15 miles (about 25 km). Now on a single charge the car can travel up to 523 km.

Also I advise you to look test drive of the Tesla Model 3 from a team InfoCar.ua:

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