Was a Jeep, was Toyota the Rover Mahindra Roxor changed the design

Was a Jeep, was Toyota the Rover Mahindra Roxor changed the design


The Indian company Mahindra & Mahindra established in the United States, agricultural production SUV Roxor has changed the design of its radiator grille because of the similarity to the Jeep and disputes copyright Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Details about the dispute between Mahindra & Mahindra and FCA we were told in November last year. Recall that the conflict began in 2008, around the radiator grille of the SUV Scorpio, with which the Indian company tried to enter the American market. The design of this grid was similar to that of the Jeep, but later it was adjusted in exchange for refusal of the Americans from further claims. Scorpio in the US market and not released, but in 2018, the year Mahindra was established in Auburn hills, that is right near the headquarters of FCA, build a simple Roxor SUV, resembling a Jeep CJ. To “face” Roxor stuck a radiator grille from Scorpio, similar to approved ten years ago sample, but still distorted.


FCA filed for Indians a complaint with the International trade Commission in connection with copyright infringement, stating that Mahindra has not only departed from the approved design radiator lattice, but in General it Roxor reminiscent of the Jeep CJ, but because the sale of Roxor should be banned. At the beginning of last year, the Commission recognized the validity of claims on the part of the FCA lattice and in the fall the ALJ acknowledged that Mahindra Roxor copies marketability Jeep CJ on a number of grounds, and encouraged trade Commission to ban sales of Indian SUV. The Commission will deliver a verdict in the spring, but Mahindra decided not to and to wait for the 2020 model year did alter the front Roxor.

The result you can see for yourself. Nothing like? Yes, now the front Roxor similar to Toyota Land Cruiser J40 – another cult in the US, SUV. Whether with the Indians to sue Toyota, is still unknown, but with the FCA problem still not solved, as the proportions and individual features Roxor is still reminiscent of Jeep CJ, which was pointed out by the judge.

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Yet Roxor remains on sale: off road 2020 model year is from 16 $ 599. Its 2.5-litre m2DiCR dobrodeteli (63 BHP, 195 Nm) fit now, not only with 5-speed manual transmission, but with 6-step “automatic” Punch Powerglide, which greatly reduces the requirements for driver qualification.


Because of the primitiveness of the body design and lack of modern safety systems Roxor can not be operated on public roads. Officially it is only the machinery, but this does not prevent the Indians to sell in the US about 10 thousand such cars a year, local fans of offroad met archaic analogue SUV to cheer.

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