Was the Mustang Mach-E able to go around the moose?

Was the Mustang Mach-E able to go around the moose?


The results of the “moose test” Ford Mustang Mach-E have been published on the YouTube-channel km77.com.

The experts highlighted the understeer of the car, which was aggravated by the “slippery” tires (the model was never announced). According to experts, the Ford Mustang Mach-E could not cope with the loads when passing the snake: the rear axle went into a skid with an increase in the amplitude of maneuvers. The best test driver’s result in a double shift is 71 km / h.

The demonstrated result will not impress the experts. In theory, EVs should feel better due to their lower center of gravity compared to ICE cars under these loads. However, despite this, as the test results show, many “green” cars do not perform well.

Earlier, the same tests fell on the cheapest European electric car Dacia Spring, which showed a speed of 77 km / h. This figure has become higher than the figures shown by the Tesla Model X electric crossover.The subcompact hatchback SEAT Mii and the expensive Tesla Model X were able to pass the test only at 70 km / h. The Porsche Taycan Turbo S reached 78 km / h. The best car without an internal combustion engine in these tests was the Tesla Model 3, which reached a speed of 83 km / h.

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