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Antibacterial treatment of car

As you know, Ukraine has imposed a quarantine to prevent the spread of new infections. Actively informing in a variety of communication channels relative to the response to HIV. The population has been informed about personal hygiene activities. And what happens to the cars used by the population, especially those being operated in a taxi?

With a view to adopting preventive, sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic measures dealership network “Bogdan-Avto holding” will introduce an additional service on the service stations – bacterial treatment car interior and air ducts of air conditioning systems.

In the ITV network uses the following processing methods:

Method of aeration using a special device sprayed the disinfectant mixture is brought to a state of vapor. This method allows to treat not only the surface of the interior of the car, and all the air ducts in air conditioning systems, which accumulate and conceal the accumulation of germs.

How does the mix?

  • disinfects and kills germs, fungi and bacteria
  • cleans the air conditioning system of the vehicle and warns against infection by microorganisms
  • eliminates the cause of allergic reactions (coughing, sneezing, eye irritation),
  • does not cause allergies,
  • eliminates unpleasant odors in the passenger compartment,
  • substance removes dust, nicotine,
  • does not damage the surface of the car.

The price of the service from 565 UAH.

Treatment method spray is a substance of special aerosol is introduced into the air duct and the car, all Windows and doors tightly closed, kept for the time necessary for disinfection. Then the car is ventilated and is ready for use. Considered one of the most efficient methods of cleaning air conditioners, ducts and surfaces of the cabin.

How does the aerosol stuff?

  • sprayed chemical enters the tube and cavity system of the automobile air-conditioning,
  • kills germs that come from the streets and interior and accumulate in the system
  • removes dust, dirt.

Price from 470 UAH.

The average processing time of the vehicle for 30-40 minutes, depending on the chosen method. This is what a small time can save the driver and passengers of the germs in the car. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

More information at the dealership “Bogdan-Auto” in your area.

The offer is valid till 30 APR 2020 in all dealer network “Bogdan-Avto holding”. Prices include VAT as at 17.03.2020 year.

Enterprise network reserves the right to change the cost of the services without notice in case of changes in the value of disinfectants.

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